Experiencing Augmented Reality on Cultural Heritage Applications in iVET

Why the CultApp project?

The European Union declared 2018 the European year of cultural heritage. Various actions were put in place across Europe aiming at promoting Europe’s cultural diversity (#EuropeForCulture).

Also, we asked ourselves whether we can contribute to raising awareness for Europe’s cultural diversity, particularly, of young people?  The answer is: CultApp!

CultApp objective

CultApp is the short name of the Erasmus+ project Experiencing Augmented Reality on cultural heritage applications in iVET. CultApp seeks to inspire young people from vocational schools for Europe’s culture. This should happen through implementing augmented reality (AR) technologies into VET (vocational education and training) curricula for better culture experience!
CultApp promotes culture in a joyful and entertaining way and brings it in all our pockets!

Who can benefit from CultApp?

  • Young VET learners from Art, Media, or Design specialties
  • Arts, Graphic design or Digital Media teachers
  • Regional and national culture and tourism promoters

And everyone interested in learning more about Europe’s cultural heritage in a simple and joyful way!