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Cambridge Linguaskills, an English assessment provider, share their experience in this upcoming webinar: Online Proctoring - How to Assess, Certify and Upskill Learners Globally.
When: 9th December, 4 PM GMT
check out and get registered here:
CultApp promotes cross-school & cross-border friendships: virtual participants of the AL project, Leo from #bksenne, & Alessia from #ittmarcopolo, met each other in person in Florence and discovered cultural sites they worked on in the project! This is why we love #Erasmusplus!
The online teachers training program (AR4CHE), created within the CULTApp project, in which NART is a partner organisation, was presented at a seminar organized by the Center for Human Resources Development (Bulgarian National Agency of Erasmus+ Program on September 28th, 2021.
August 25, 2021: the conference “Experiencing & creating culture together” took place at the FHM Bielefeld. Around 30 virtual & in-person guests from AT, DE, EL, KAZ, KG, LV, MD, RUS joined the event to learn more about the CultApp results & to immerse into the augmented culture!
If visitors could no longer go the artworks, maybe AR could help bring the artworks to them.
Time for "DRY RUNS"! Augmented learning project work was presented to teachers from Vocational high school “Dr Petar Beron”,city of Varna, Bulgaria.