Augmented learning project work

This was a real story of adventure, research and inquiry to discover Cultural Heritage through Augmented Reality. During this transnational Augmented Learning project (in short, AL project), 6 teachers and 34 learners from CultApp countries Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands virtually worked together on the creation of fictive cities and development of corresponding AR maps where they presented the past, the presence and a possible future of the selected cultural assets in the cities Florence, Bielefeld, and Roermond.

Check out our final deliverables to download for free! You will get a chance to explore fictive AR cities using your mobile device (iPad or smartphone) with the installed AR app Blippar.

DELIVERABLE 1: Augmented Learning platform

During the AL project, a lot of textual and visual materials were produced by our learners. We collected them all and made available via the Augmented Learning Platform, which was designed and developed during the CultApp project’s implementation. The good news is: you can view, download, reuse and modify all the materials for free! Just complete a simple registration at the platform and benefir from our project work.

You can access the AL platfrom under this link:

Moreover, passionate teachers and learners are invited to create their own AR projects and publish them on the AL platform! Doing so, we alltogether can contribute to the promotion of our joint Cultural Heritage.

DELIVERABLE 2: AR Trigger Images

AR trigger images are AR markers. When scanning them with a mobile device with the installed AR Blippar, you will be able to experience AR scenes which will show you the stories about the past, presence and possible feature of 17 cultural assets from the cities Florence, Bielefeld, and Roermond. AR images and AR scenes were designed and developed by learners from Berufskolleg Senne (Bielefeld), Istituto Technico el Turismo Marco Polo (Florence), and BC Broekhin (the Netherlands), who took partn in the AL project.

Below we compiled all the AR trigger images into a single PDF. Everyone is invited to scan the AR images and experience stories behind them. Just be sure to enter the correct code in the app. This ensures that the AR image is correctly displayed. The instructions on how to interact with AR trigger images are included to the PDF file below.

Have fun!

DELIVERABLE 3: AL project work publication

With this publication, the CultApp partnership sought to show a new way of exploring Europe’s Cultural Heritage through Augmented Learning project work in vocational schools and colleges. The publication reflected the vision, objectives, steps, milestones, achieved results and lessons learned of the AL project. We hope, our experience with the transnational AL project work will be useful for enthusiastic teachers who are looking for innovative teaching and learning formats and might be interested in replicating our pedagogical approach.

Feel free to view and download the AL proejct work publication below – and this, of course, for free!

For your convenience, we have translated the AL publication to six languages of our partners, which are Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek, German, Italian and Polish. They are also available for free.

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