Augmented Reality meets Cultural Heritage: Compendium of practices and applications

Are you part of arts and cultural organizations addicted to retaining and rediscovering Europe’s cultural heritage?

Or are you engaged in promoting local and/or regional destinations? Looking for good practice examples of how to make spots and places in your region more attractive for tourists?

Maybe you are an enthusiastic art teacher seeking for innovative concepts to inspire Millennials for art and culture subjects?

Then this Compendium is exactly for you! It showcases 12 applications of Augmented Reality on art and cultural objects in different Europe’s countries and provides several inspirations for adopting these practices! Of course, everybody is invited to immerse themselves into the augmented culture with this book!

Get a preview of the Compendium by watching this slideshow !


Moreover, find below Executive Summaries of the Compendium, which offer a comprehensive overview of the identified AR cases, in six CultApp languages:







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